New Year, new focus

I am a lot like Dread here...I have not put rubber on asphalt this new year yet...just time on the rollers. I was contacted by someone from The Charlotte Observer about the "fixie" culture in Charlotte...I declined. I guess some people still think it's a fad...just something else that will fade into the history books with parachute pants and Jams. I've said it before...we are not role models...we ride with no helmets and run red lights...we ride bikes. And yes, I still ride my bike. I won't spend this year proving to all that I still ride, better'll see me out there...hopefully with Dread...the one dude that has always been down since day 1. Miss you duder, and we'll get up soon....riding all things 2 wheels. Peace. Holidays are over. Come ride with us.