If you are on the MASH tip...and pop up on Vimeo in a video, dude, YouTube for that matter...everyone jumps on yer dick...and for that reason, I join the rest of the "I'm-better-than-you-because-my-shit-is-better" world in posting this video. Dude, honestly, it's cool to watch...don't believe everything you read.

I can't believe this is real close to 2 years ago...what happened to things? I rode 78 miles on Monday, Feb the 28th...and to my friends that wished me HB, thanks....that was 39 miles out and 39 back...need I tell you how old I am? See you on the road.


Look like it was a nice ride....envious.

Stay safe out there

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - Police have charged a Charlotte man with the death of a bicyclist who was killed in a hit and run wreck in Monroe late Thursday night.

Get the full story here.

Something calming about a simple video of someone riding a bike...call it envy? Makes you want to get outta bed and just go look at yer bike...admit it...you've done it. Get outside.

One of my favorites. Barry McGee.

Good tempo.

Storm Chaser

Cool shot of Emi by Matt Lingo from here.

How it should be. Come ride with us.

Soon enough. Period.

A bike should be a bike

[SEOUL got SOUL] I am a Mechanic / Part2 from David Jongkwon Kim aka DKshop on Vimeo.

New Year, new focus

I am a lot like Dread here...I have not put rubber on asphalt this new year yet...just time on the rollers. I was contacted by someone from The Charlotte Observer about the "fixie" culture in Charlotte...I declined. I guess some people still think it's a fad...just something else that will fade into the history books with parachute pants and Jams. I've said it before...we are not role models...we ride with no helmets and run red lights...we ride bikes. And yes, I still ride my bike. I won't spend this year proving to all that I still ride, better yet...you'll see me out there...hopefully with Dread...the one dude that has always been down since day 1. Miss you duder, and we'll get up soon....riding all things 2 wheels. Peace. Holidays are over. Come ride with us.

I miss riding my bike

I have not been on my bike yet for 2011 and with this snow thats everywhere, it looks like it will be a few more days. In the 50s next Monday. Until then heres a vid. to warm the soul from Leader Bikes.

I can't wait for July

Trek Bicycle Corporation to Co-Sponsor Team Leopard-Trek

Trek Bicycles hopes to regain its prominent position in the European peloton by sponsoring the Schleck- and Cancellara-powered Team Leopard-Trek.

Trek Bicycle, in conjunction with Leopard True Racing, announced its co-sponsorship of the new cycling Team Leopard-Trek in Luxembourg on January 7. The team grew out of the Luxembourg Pro Cycling Project. Enovos, a Luxembourg-based natural gas company, will be the other major sponsor.

Team Leopard-Trek Roster
Leopard-Trek will feature high-profile riders Fränk and Andy Schleck, both of Luxembourg, as well as classics rider and time trial champion Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland. Perennial workhorse Jens Voigt and sprinter Stuart O'Grady are also on the 29-man roster. The Schlecks have made names for themselves in the European classics and the grand tours over the last few years, with Andy finishing second in the last two editions of the Tour de France. Cancellara has been on fire for the better part of a decade, winning numerous classics and tour stages in addition to being four-time world time trial champion and the current Olympic gold medalist in that discipline.

Read more at Suite101

I love my job.

[SEOUL got SOUL] I am a Mechanic / Part1 from David Jongkwon Kim aka DKshop on Vimeo.

Massan from here.
Got some things in the works, just hang on...for the
meantime, we're hangin out here at Union Made Moto.